Robin Day

This is the place I go sloping about 5 minutes from home. Some of these guys make there own fully moulded 3.5 meter F3J gliders using CAD & CNC machines. I am getting more into gliding now than powered flight, I love the fact there is only the noise of these things cutting through the air. How good is the HD footage, the camera cost about $400.00, new technology is amazing.

Some pics of my life on the island that never stops amazing me.

The workshop shots are were I work from, most of the cars are one guys private collection belonging to the guy that owns the shed (40 all together) the mustang is one of the guys in the aeromodelling clubs 3/4 scale with aluminium efi 5ltr Chevrolet engine,  the gliders are 4 meter composite that we fly off Don heads about 5 mins from home & the shots of the scale planes are at one of the fields I fly at.

 As you can probably tell I'm still into photography.

Hope to be up next year & we'll catch up.