Scratch built, getting started

Crash Hancock, a U.S. based radio control internet personality (and all round good guy), has put together a set of plans and training videos for a simple scratch built plane.  He calls the plane the e-QSC for electric, Quick, Simple and Cheap.

You can follow Crash's weekly broadcast (aka podcast) here:

He has put together a full set of online videos showing how to build the e-QSC.  The last video, number 13, is the maiden flight and it is impressive.  The plans are available below on the Attachments, scroll to bottom of this page.  

e-QSC, Video 1, Wing Prep 

e-QSC, Video 3, Wing (cont)

e-QSC, Video 4, Wing final

e-QSC, Video 5, Fuselage parts prep

e-QSC, Video 6, Fuselage build (1)

e-QSC, Video 7, Fuselage build (2)

e-QSC, Video 8, Fuselage build (3)

e-QSC, Video 9, Stabs and wing mounting

e-QSC, Video 10, Pushrods, etc

e-QSC, Video 11, Wrap up 1 of 2

e-QSC, Video 12, Wrap up 2 of 2

e-QSC, Video 13, Maiden Flight

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Jul 31, 2010, 2:01 PM