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HMFC Newsletter No 32

Well here we are again heading into a New Year.  I bet that any New Years resolutions made have already been broken.  Sounds good at the time when you are full of Piss and bad manners.  Not much has been happening over the X-mas period apart from lousy weather.  If it isn't stinking hot and windy it's rainy and windy. 

We have been getting some new members joining and learning to fly which is good for the club.  Try to give the newbies a hand by giving some good advice.  Please be aware that they have no idea of rules and regulations yet so be safety concious with them and advise them if they are doing something not quite right, such as turning on transmitters in the pit without checking the boards, putting fingers in props, you know what I'm talking about. 

Further to Frank has sent out a notificationg of a GENERAL MEETING to be held on Sunday 8th February 2009, time 9.30 AM so be there if you can.  There will be a fun fly and a FREE SAUSAGE SIZZLE, YES THATS RIGHT, FREEEEEEEE SAUSAGE SIZZLE, so be there or be square. 

I thought I would begin the year with some photos of last year to round things off so enjoy, the pics.

Ken Duthie
El presidente
0450 607473