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Burbur Hobbies Special offer

Burbur Hobbies is offering special prices for members of HMFC...

Item price is for full club members only, no layby, credit card welcome.  These prices are valid for the month of December 2011 only.
Carbon Fiber Version MXS-R 75in 30-35CC (B)$385.00
New Design 74in Carbon Fiber Version Edge 540 30-35cc (A)$385.00
Carbon Fiber Version Sbach 300 30cc ARF75” AG$385.00
DLE20 20CC Gas Engine$290.00
DL-50 50cc Gas Engine$370.00
DLE 55-55CC Gas Engine$390.00
DLE 111-111CC Gas Engine$800.00
SEBS30BLUE Sebart Sukhoi 29S 30E, ARF Blue$450.00
Hangar 9 Funtana 125 RC Plane, ARF$460.00
PKZ5675 Parkzone F-27Q Stryker PNP$220.00
PKZ4775I Parkzone Radian EP Glider, Plug N Play$160.00
HAN4440 P-51D Mustang .40 Sport ARF$220.00
50 DJ JENNY. Green Model$250.00
LOG-LGAL01 Logic RC Transmitter Case 345x235x120mm$30.00
ST DG1000 RTF power glider w/retract motor$250.00
Thunder Tiger Piper J-3 Cub TTR4532$250.00
Thunder Tiger 4344-K21Y E-Hawk 1500 OBL Yellow$150.00
TTR4570-R Super Decathlon 40 ARF Red$220.00
TTR4563 Staudacher S-300 60 ARF$155.00
TTR4549 G-202 40 ARF$125.00
TTR4580 P-51D Mustang ARF Kit$150.00
Katana 50 CC RED$389..00
SEMI SCALE CESSNA,1580 WS, .40/.46, 4CH$110.00
PIPER CHEROKEE,1524mm WS, .40/.46 4CH$125.00
BELLANCA DECATHLON,1608mm WS,.46/.51 4CH$130.00
German Bucker Jungmann$210.00
PITTS-S1 60 size$225.00
Tiger Moth 30 Silver$250.00
E-Flite UMX Extra 300 3D RC Plane, BNF$159.99
EFLU4080 Eflite Ultra Micro Beast BNF$170.00
EXTRA330L 50 CC B$420.00
EXTRA260 50-60CC B$420.00
EXTRA330L 100cc B$680.00
EDGE 540 100cc$680.00
Sebart Katana 120 ARF, Red, White, Green$470.00